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Jinda Nano Tech. (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen Hightech Zone, it was invested by Jinda Group which headquartered in Hong Kong, and cooperate with domestic famous scientific institutions and universities like Xiamen University to establish the R&D center of nano technology. The company is a hightech corporation which specializes in research and development of Nano materials as well as application of nanotechnology. Jinda has won plenty of honors, such as Main enterprise of nano-silver industry standard drafting,National high and new technology certificated enterprise, Most growth-oriented enterprises in China etc. In 2012,Jinda was awarded one of 500 private technology enterprises in China.

The company and production base are located in Xiamen Hitech Zone and the Eastern Coast Huli Industrial Zone. Jinda has a strong research team, the world's leading production equipment, production capacity and excellent marketing team. The hightech nano products which have been produced and sold are raw materials like nano Au, Ag, Cu antibacterial series, nano mineral series, nano carbon series, colorless&transparent nano silver solution, Agtype antibacterial powder, Antibacterial master batch, various of textile antibacterial finishing agent and nano terminal application products. The R&D technology and many patents have reached the international level, The preparation of nano silver inorganic antibacterial powder-stratiform zirconium phosphate carries and The preparation of nano silver antibacterial solution have achieved patent of SIPO(State Intellectual Property Office). The developing of nano silver antibacterial solution was recognized as hightech production transformed item in Xiamen by Xiamen scientific technology situation. The products are widely used in many vocations such as national defense, health care, shoes, environment protection, agriculture, architecture, textile industry, medicine and cosmetic. Their prospect is wide and their economic and social effects are tremendous. Jinda takes “Honest, Innovation, Multiwin, Sustainable” as the operation principle, “Pursuit Excellent, Jinda Technology” as the purpose. All the staffs and cooperative partners will make unremitting endeavor for the name of nano applying technology expert.

In 2006, Chairman Mr. Wu Jixian invested and set up Jinda nano tech. (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. After years of effort, the company has formed a full covered nanoindustry chain which combine scientific research, production and sales in one, with advanced production technology, successfully ascend to the leading position of domestic nanomaterials producers. With the deep concern of the National Development and Reform Commission, MIIT and other relevant ministries, and the Fujian Provincial Committee, Provincial Government, Xiamen Municipal Committee, Municipal Government and other relevant departments, the company implemented a comprehensive upgrade of industry in industrial scale, technical level, personnel strength, management system and brand building. Realizing the leapfrog development and enhancing the comprehensive strength, to lay the foundation of become the firstclass nano materials in the international and domestic market.

With the development of industries and enterprises, Jinda nano technology careful research and plan the way of enlarge industrial scale by improve the industrial chain, through the cooperation of a strategic partner to raise the comprehensive strength of enterprises, further expand the market. To cooperate with domastic&international nano technology institutions such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanotechnology National Engineering Research Center, Xiamen University, Fujian Nanotechnology Engineering Center etc. Achieving a breakthrough in the field of new functional materials research and development, and application. Devoting scientific and technological strength to the majority of downstream enterprises and occupying the market opportunities for improving product differentiation competition of enterprises.